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Scriptsee: Transforming Pre-Production Efficiency and Creativity. 

Discover how our AI-driven platform elevates storytelling, streamlines workflow, and enhances collaborative efforts in film and TV production.


Enhance Your Storytelling: Rapid script analysis, emotional arc mapping, and efficient production planning - Scriptsee brings essential tools for narrative and production excellence

Why change?

Experience Pre-Production Like Never Before

Unlock your script’s potential with rapid, in-depth planning tools only Scriptsee offers. In the high-stakes world of film and TV production, where time equals money and creativity is under constant pressure, Scriptsee delivers a transformative solution. Accelerate your processes, deepen your narrative insights, and minimize production risks—all through our comprehensive upfront analysis.

Under the Hood

Script Breakdowns and Insights

Automatically extract all story elements and organize them into comprehensive scene-by-scene timelines for efficient planning.

Emotional Storytelling

Discover your narrative’s emotional depth. We evaluate each word for emotional impact, presenting insights in an emotional arc.

Dynamic Narrative Insights

Visualize your story’s flow and complexity with our detailed metrics, helping you plan and budget effectively.

Interactions Mapping

Map every interaction between characters, locations, and props to see who interacts with what, when, and where—ideal for detailed planning and ensuring narrative consistency.

Script Comparison

Instantly compare different drafts of your script with our side-by-side comparison tool. Easily switch between versions to see revisions at a glance and make informed decisions quickly.

Differential Analysis

Go deeper with our differential analysis feature, which highlights word-by-word and paragraph-by-paragraph changes between drafts. Our intuitive UI displays these differences side by side, simplifying complex revisions.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Boost collaboration with tools that streamline sharing and review processes. Keep your team aligned and efficient throughout the creative process.

Uncompromised Security

Trust in a platform that ensures the security and confidentiality of your creative content. Your work is safe with us.

Scriptsee - scene duration
Scriptsee - emotional analysis
Scriptsee - asset breakdowns
Scriptsee - effects analysis

Rapid Script Analysis

Reduce script breakdown and revision time by up to 95%, completing these essential pre-production tasks in just minutes.

Working on laptop

Empowering creativity:
The Human Intellect-AI Fusion

Empowering Storytellers with AI

At Scriptsee, we blend cutting-edge AI analytics with the timeless art of storytelling. Our goal is to enhance, not replace, the human element in storytelling. We provide development executives, line producers, writers, directors, and production crews with powerful tools that speed up decision-making and enrich narrative depth.

Human-Centric Technology

Our platform is designed to support and amplify human creativity. Scriptsee's AI delves deep into data to offer insights, but it is the human mind that brings these insights to life in stories that resonate and inspire. We believe in the indispensable value of the storyteller, with our technology acting as a catalyst that enhances intuition and imagination.

Act Now

Jump on board now and take advantage of our early bird pricing! Don’t miss the chance to elevate your production with the best tools available.



Scriptsee has officially soft-launched, already empowering large production studios, networks, broadcasters, and premium content brands with cutting-edge pre-production analytics.

In this growth phase, we're keen to collaborate with major industry players who are looking to innovate and streamline their storytelling process. If you represent such an organization, we're ready to discuss tailored pricing structures that reflect the breadth and depth of your projects.

Your next major production deserves a groundbreaking approach. Get in touch to find out how Scriptsee can transform your narrative development and be a part of your success story.


"I strongly believe that this software is a must-have for any production pipeline, whether it is TV or feature film."

Kenneth T. Ito, Producer,
former Director of Animation Production, Marvel Animation


Our Journey

In the captivating world of TV and Film production, industry veterans Greg Harman and Silvia Harman Mihaleje, along with visionary technology guru DJ de Villiers, joined forces to embark on a remarkable journey of innovation. Combining their expertise in preproduction, production, technology, and finance, they sought to revolutionize the industry.

DJ, a former colleague of Greg's, brought his expertise in AI technology to the team, with a focus on applying it to animation production. This vision led to the creation of Scriptsee, an AI-powered tool specifically designed to streamline and enhance the preproduction process for all filmmaking.

Driven by their commitment to preserving the vital role of human creativity, the team established Motion Tech Lab and enlisted the support of Andrew Smith, a former senior executive at Weta Group, to provide specialized industry business experience. Hollywood executives Lydia Antonini and Rafael Sanchez, along with entertainment product specialist David Zwierzchaczewski, joined the team to offer valuable guidance and expertise.

Through rigorous development and market testing, Scriptsee evolved into a transformative solution, empowering creative minds worldwide with new insights and enhanced storytelling capabilities. With Scriptsee now released please contact us for your personalized demo and a discussion of how we can help you improve and optimize your pre-production process.

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Discover how Scriptsee elevates production workflow and storytelling at scale. Our platform is specifically designed for mid-level to enterprise-level studios, networks, offering advanced, large-scale project capabilities. We are though trialling with smaller studios and independent producers.

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