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Scriptsee: Transforming Pre-Production Efficiency and Creativity. 

Discover how our AI-driven platform elevates storytelling, streamlines workflow, and enhances collaborative efforts in film and TV production.


Enhance Your Storytelling: Rapid script analysis, emotional arc mapping, and efficient production planning - Scriptsee brings essential tools for narrative and production excellence

Accelerated script analysis for production

Get rapid, in-depth script analysis in seconds. Our technology accelerates your storytelling by enabling quick, informed creative decisions for enhanced production efficiency.

Deepen your story's elements and streamline asset management

Effortlessly extract and analyze key elements from your script, including character traits, locations, props, effects, action, and dialogue. Scriptsee streamlines asset management for a more efficient and coherent production workflow

Unleash emotional impact with captivating storytelling

Utilize our emotion analysis feature, based on Robert Plutchik's wheel, to explore the emotional dynamics of your script and create stories that resonate deeply with audiences.

Explore the depth of your storytelling with comprehensive Insights

Delve into the complex web of character interactions, locations, and props. Our insights help you visualize and predict crucial narrative elements for a richer storytelling experience

Optimize production efficiency with comprehensive analysis

Streamline your production with tools to track story evolution and compare script drafts. Our platform aids in consistent episode development and efficient script navigation.

Securely process your scripts with advanced safeguards

Your script's security is our priority. We ensure the confidentiality of your content with advanced AWS infrastructure, two-factor authentication, and stringent data isolation.

Scriptsee - scene duration
Scriptsee - emotional analysis
Scriptsee - asset breakdowns
Scriptsee - effects analysis
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Empowering creativity:
The Human Intellect-AI Fusion

Scriptsee marks the convergence of groundbreaking AI analytics and the revered art of storytelling. Our aim is to empower development executives, line producers, writers, directors, and production crews with advanced tools that accelerate decision-making. The essence of our platform is to enrich, not replace, the human touch, enabling storytellers to imbue every scene with deeper meaning and more substantial value.

At the heart of Scriptsee is a collaborative synergy: while our AI offers profound analytical insights, it is the human intellect that interprets these findings, transforming data into compelling narratives. We celebrate the storyteller’s role as indispensable, with our technology serving as a powerful ally to enhance intuition, ignite imagination, and elevate storytelling to unprecedented levels of quality.

Embrace the era where human wisdom guides artificial intelligence. With Scriptsee, you’re at the helm, steering AI's capabilities to fortify your creative vision. We're not just innovating for today—we're crafting the tools that will shape the storytelling of tomorrow.

Join us in redefining the landscape of entertainment, where your expertise and our AI analysis work in unison to transcend the limits of conventional storytelling.



Scriptsee has officially soft-launched, already empowering large production studios, networks, broadcasters, and premium content brands with cutting-edge pre-production analytics.

In this growth phase, we're keen to collaborate with major industry players who are looking to innovate and streamline their storytelling process. If you represent such an organization, we're ready to discuss tailored pricing structures that reflect the breadth and depth of your projects.

Your next major production deserves a groundbreaking approach. Get in touch to find out how Scriptsee can transform your narrative development and be a part of your success story.


"I strongly believe that this software is a must-have for any production pipeline, whether it is TV or feature film."

Kenneth T. Ito, Producer,
former Director of Animation Production, Marvel Animation


Our Journey

In the captivating world of TV and Film production, industry veterans Greg Harman and Silvia Harman Mihaleje, along with visionary technology guru DJ de Villiers, joined forces to embark on a remarkable journey of innovation. Combining their expertise in preproduction, production, technology, and finance, they sought to revolutionize the industry.

DJ, a former colleague of Greg's, brought his expertise in AI technology to the team, with a focus on applying it to animation production. This vision led to the creation of Scriptsee, an AI-powered tool specifically designed to streamline and enhance the preproduction process for all filmmaking.

Driven by their commitment to preserving the vital role of human creativity, the team established Motion Tech Lab and enlisted the support of Andrew Smith, a former senior executive at Weta Group, to provide specialized industry business experience. Hollywood executives Lydia Antonini and Rafael Sanchez, along with entertainment product specialist David Zwierzchaczewski, joined the team to offer valuable guidance and expertise.

Through rigorous development and market testing, Scriptsee evolved into a transformative solution, empowering creative minds worldwide with new insights and enhanced storytelling capabilities. With Scriptsee now released please contact us for your personalized demo and a discussion of how we can help you improve and optimize your pre-production process.

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Discover how Scriptsee elevates production workflow and storytelling at scale. Our platform is specifically designed for mid-level to enterprise-level studios, networks, offering advanced, large-scale project capabilities. We are though trialling with smaller studios and independent producers.

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