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Welcome to Scriptsee Tutorials

Discover the full potential of Scriptsee with our detailed feature videos. Here, we unravel the hows, whys, and benefits of each feature, providing you with insights to maximize the impact of Scriptsee in your development, pre-production, and production processes.

Explore each video to learn how Scriptsee can be a game-changer for your team. 

Understanding Shot Analysis

Discover Scriptsee's Shot Analysis, where scripts transform into visual timelines for improved scene planning. Learn how insights into shot duration, camera types, and scene complexities can revolutionize your script-to-screen process.

Diving into Emotions

Unlock the emotional layers in your scripts with Scriptsee's Emotion Analysis, inspired by Plutchik's renowned color wheel. This guide shows how to vividly map and refine the emotional arc of your story, ensuring it connects deeply with your audience.

Script Complexity

Learn about Scriptsee’s Script Complexity tool, offering an all-encompassing view of your story's structure. Understand how to navigate your script's intricacies, pinpointing key focus areas for production and storytelling.

Effects Analysis

Delve into the world of Scriptsee's Effects Analysis to grasp the impact of script elements on production. This feature helps categorize and visualize script effects for efficient planning and immersive storytelling.

Script Comparison

Master script refinement with Scriptsee's Script Comparison feature, enabling detailed side-by-side draft analysis. This tool aids in identifying script changes, fostering collaborative annotations, and streamlining script development.

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