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Scriptsee Celebrates Milestone with a Showcase Evening in Wellington

Motion Tech Lab

21 Nov 2023

Investors, Partners, and Industry Leaders Gather to Commemorate MVP Completion

Scriptsee marked a pivotal moment in its journey with a showcase evening in Wellington this November, celebrating the completion of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the transition to a commercial product. The event was attended by around 40 guests, including representatives from lead VC, Alt Ventures, Angels Investors Marlborough (AIM), Wellington Angel HQ, and private investors, along with the software development partner Endgame, and the Scriptsee team.

Held at the Endgame venue, the evening was enriched with the presence of Scriptsee’s legal and accounting partners from Kindrik and EY, friends, local producers, and the New Zealand Film Commission. It was a night highlighting the collaborative spirit and dedication that has fueled Scriptsee's development.

Following the showcase, the celebration continued at Monsoon Poon on Blair Street, where approximately 20 attendees gathered for a relaxed dinner and drinks. This part of the evening provided a perfect setting for networking and discussing Scriptsee's impact on the film and TV production industry.

A key feature of the night was a live demonstration of Scriptsee, allowing guests to witness firsthand the platform's innovative features. The event also served as an opportunity to update investors on Scriptsee's upcoming initiatives, including an investment round scheduled for late January or early February 2024, and to announce the ongoing trials with about 15 companies globally.

The showcase was more than just a demonstration of progress; it was a moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate the achievements made together. It underscored the importance of taking a moment to breathe and appreciate the journey before moving forward into the next phase of growth and innovation. This shared reflection and celebration set a renewed and enthusiastic tone for Scriptsee's future endeavors in the entertainment technology sector.

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