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Scriptsee's CEO Embarks on Hollywood Mission Amid Industry Strikes

Motion Tech Lab

3 Jul 2023

Greg Harman’s Visit Aims to Boost Pre-Sales and Validate Market Fit for Innovative Platform

In July 2023, Scriptsee CEO Greg Harman, alongside advisors Lydia Antonini and Ralph Sanchez, undertook a critical 10-day mission to Hollywood. Their objective: to ignite pre-sales excitement and test market fit for the much-anticipated Scriptsee platform, a game-changer in entertainment pre-production.

Amid Hollywood's writers' and actors' strikes, Scriptsee's showcase couldn't have been timelier. The platform's analytical AI, a stark contrast to the contentious generative AI models, resonated deeply with industry professionals. Scriptsee was not only well-received for its innovative approach but also praised as an empowering tool that enhances the human aspect of storytelling rather than replacing it. This alignment with the industry's evolving needs, especially in a period of labor disputes, underscored Scriptsee's potential to positively transform the filmmaking process.

The Hollywood excursion was more than just a pre-sales endeavor; it was a strategic move that significantly bolstered Scriptsee's standing in one of the world's premier entertainment hubs. The visit validated the platform's relevance and set the stage for its impactful launch, marking a promising beginning for Scriptsee's journey in revolutionizing content production.

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