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Scriptsee’s CEO Greg Harman Takes Center Stage at MIP Junior and MIPCOM

Motion Tech Lab

30 Sept 2023

Championing AI in Entertainment with Expert Insights in Cannes

In a significant stride for Scriptsee and the AI-driven future of entertainment, CEO Greg Harman is set to present at two prestigious events this October in Cannes, France — MIP Junior and MIPCOM.

At MIP Junior, Greg will join a panel titled "Embracing the AI Revolution in Entertainment: Shaping Human-AI Collaboration in Production." With his rich background in animation production, including a 14-year tenure at Mechanic Animation delivering content for Marvel Animation Studio, Greg brings invaluable insight into the evolving landscape of entertainment production. His foresight in initiating the development of Scriptsee back in 2018/2019 reflects a deep understanding of the transformative impact AI is slated to have on TV and film planning and production.

Further showcasing his expertise, Greg will host a session at MIPCOM under their MIP Labs segment. This AI & Data roundtable will feature six other industry experts, fostering a robust discussion on the intersection of AI, data, and storytelling. These sessions are pivotal platforms for discussing the future of content creation and distribution in the age of AI, with Greg Harman leading the charge in advocating for innovative, technology-driven solutions in the entertainment sector.

These appearances in Cannes not only underline Greg's status as a tech leader in the entertainment industry but also solidify Scriptsee’s position at the forefront of the AI revolution in content production.

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