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Motion Tech Lab Secures Key Funding to Propel Scriptsee Development

Motion Tech Lab

14 Nov 2022

Innovative Tech Firm Backed by Prominent Investors for Ground-breaking Entertainment Platform

Motion Tech Lab has achieved a significant milestone, securing vital funding to advance the development of their flagship product, Scriptsee, slated for release in late 2023.

This financial backing, led by Alt Ventures, Auckland, and bolstered by Angel Investment Marlborough (AIM), Angel HQ Wellington, Canterbury Angels Investors, along with private investors from New Zealand and Australia, marks a vote of confidence in the firm's vision and capabilities.

Scriptsee is poised to transform the entertainment industry. This innovative platform allows professionals to upload Film and TV scripts, offering rapid, AI-driven analysis. Scriptsee streamlines the filmmaking process by breaking down and extracting data from scripts in a manner that is both efficient and highly relevant to filmmakers' needs. The anticipation around its release is a testament to the potential impact of this cutting-edge tool on the industry.

With this fresh infusion of capital and support, Motion Tech Lab is excited to further refine Scriptsee, ensuring it meets the high expectations of the filmmaking community and contributes significantly to the evolution of storytelling technology.

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