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Motion Tech Lab Engages EndGame for Scriptsee’s UI Development

Motion Tech Lab

31 Jan 2023

Collaboration Aims to Refine User Experience for Upcoming Platform.

Motion Tech Lab has entered into an outsourcing arrangement with Wellington’s EndGame Development Company, focusing on the user interface (UI) and customer experience (UX) enhancement for their soon-to-be-launched Scriptsee platform.

Spanning an 8-9 month project timeline, this collaboration will see EndGame contributing to the development and refinement of Scriptsee’s UI. The goal is to ensure that the platform is not only robust in functionality but also offers a user-friendly experience, making it accessible and efficient for its users.

EndGame’s involvement extends to supporting the Live, Staging and Development environments of Scriptsee. This comprehensive engagement is part of Motion Tech Lab's strategy to streamline the platform's operation and offer a seamless experience to its clientele in the film and television production sector.

This partnership underlines Motion Tech Lab’s commitment to evolving Scriptsee into a cutting-edge tool for storytelling and production, utilizing both in-house expertise and external resources to optimize the platform's performance and user engagement.

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